Weddings/ Events


Organising your big day or a function can be daunting... even painful. But we want to help you.  We love to celebrate , collaborate and create and would love to do it with you. 

Equiped With two big service windows, 2x 40L inbuilt ice tubs, Aesthetic lighting to make Vincent stand out at your event, 2 vintage glass drink dispensers, 3 large eskies to keep the beverages cold, a personalised menu to show the cocktails and beverages being served at the event, glassware and garnishes to add them finishing touches and Professional, and fun RSA approved bar staff to service the Bar. 

We like to work closely with you to make Vincent apart of your event. We have a small collection of decor to enhance and personalise the van for your occasion if you wish. If you have any prop or decorating lightbulb moments let us know as we love to dress it up. 

Vincent operates as a BYO mobile Bar service. We do not sell or supply alcohol. You supply the beverages and we take on everything els. Mixing, shaking, pouring and serving any type of beverages is what we do. From cans, and bottles, to pouring Champaign and wine, to mixing and shaking signature cocktails to keep you and your guests entertained.

We can also offer table service so your guests can just sit back and relax while our friendly bar tenders do the rounds. Pack up, leave that to us. You don't have to do a thing. We will clear all empty bottles/cans and glassware throughout the night to keep your event as fresh looking as it was when guests arrived.  

So don't wait. Send us a message. We would love to work with  you and make your event one not to forget.